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Wi-Fi device for controlling equipment via communication bus

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WiNET things

WiNET is an electronic device equipped with a Wi-Fi connection, designed for the on-site and/or remote control/monitoring of electronic equipment in the industrial and building automation, Horeca, medical and other sectors.


Equipped with a serial bus, in its interface variants RS485, RS232, TTL 5V (Full and Half Duplex), TTL 3.3V, it can be connected to a large scale of electronic products.

The extended range of supply voltage and the average consumption, in operation, lower than one Watt, allows the device to self-power directly from the electronics to which it is connected. 

The size and shape, compact to adapt to small spaces, is designed for both internal and external use in the designated product.

It comes in a custom plastic container, designed and created for Net Software, with an elegant appearance, which ensures the IP33 protection level.

The integrated webserver, capable of containing the entire web application, specific for control and monitoring, makes it a customizable and flexible device for use combined with any product.

The technology used for its creation obtained a patent for technological innovation in 2020


WiNET in numbers

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