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WiNET Connector

Net Software has developed and published the 'WiNET Connector' app, available in the two main stores for devices based on iOS and Android operating systems.

Developed in 2019 and always updated for the new versions of the iOS and Android operating systems, it will continue to be the reference app for managing our wi-fi devices until September 2024, when its disposal is expected in favor of the new app WiNET+.


Starting from the year 2023, Net software, on the experience gained through the use of the previous app, has started the development of a new one that integrates some of the successful features and enriched it with many others, with the aim of increasing its performance, the level of customization, improving the graphic interface, making it more intuitive and simple to use. Currently available on the PlayStore, it will soon also be downloadable from the AppStore.


Created to be our official app, through which you have access to the management of any Net Software branded device.

It allows the management of multiple user interfaces, specific to the product, to be controlled.

It manages devices locally using only the wi-fi connection without having to disconnect from the internet, making the user experience quick and easy to use.


Strengths and uniqueness of the WiNET+ app

✔ Complete management of all your connected devices wherever you are.
✔ With a single app you can manage different devices.
✔ Integrated App and Cloud features.
✔ Ability to customize every single connected device.
✔ You can also share your devices in the app and you can also decide how long they will remain shared.

WiNET+ is available on


WiNET Connector is available on


attention, from the end of September 2024 the dismantling of WiNET Connector in favor of the new WiNET+ app is expected

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