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Net Software

Customized IoT solutions for Industry 4.0

Passion, experience and skills guide us towards continuous hardware and software innovation  

​In addition to the creation of software solutions, our mission begins with the support provided to the customer in terms of problem analysis, drafting of technical specifications, both for the economic evaluation and for subsequent development, up to upon delivery of the completed software product.

Our mission is to offer our customers technological solutions in line with specific business needs.

Analysis of the reference market, sharing of needs, study of technical specifications, planning and sharing of intermediate deliverables guide us to the delivery of the customized software product.

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We help you identify
the best technological solution!

Net Software is the strategic partner which, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of software and cloud technologies, creates solutions to meet the specific needs of the market.


We guarantee a turnkey service:

  • identification of the hardware device already in house or ad-hoc creation; 

  • support of the customer for the analysis of needs and the drafting of specifications; techniques;

  • proposal of the technical-technological solution;

  • project development;

  • testing of operation locally and remotely in the cloud;

  • product delivery.

WiNET Cloud

The Cloud plays a central role in applications connected to the Internet, guaranteeing both the exchange of data between different applications and its historicization, as well as the security of transmission and access.

With the aim of being a reliable partner of innovation in industry 4.0, Net Software has created its entireinfrastructure, scalable, flexible and customizable.

WiNET Cloud Platform

The mobile world has grown a lot in recent years and has become a no longer negligible point in the creation of network-connected software. Net Software believes in this and offers  mainly solutions with a cost commensurate with the specific needs required, created with web technology, adaptable to all smart devices, which do not require maintenance when the various Android and iOS operating systems of smartphones/tablets undergo updates.

Mobile Webapp

The worldmobilehas grown considerably in recent years and it is important to follow its evolution (or take it into account) in the creation of software connected to the network. Net Software offers solutions created with web technology which,adaptableto all smart devices, they do not require maintenance after updating the operating systems (Android, iOS) of smartphones and tablets.


When building Internet-connected software, it is essential to pay attention to security. For this reason, Net Software is committed to guaranteeing high security standards both in the software that characterizes the entire WiNET Cloud platform and in the firmware installed in the IoT devices designed and produced.

To guarantee a stable and quality service in preventing the effects of possible threats that spread through the network, Net Software has designed and created a solid infrastructure positioned in data centers qualified in this area.


WiNET+ is the App for managing Wi-Fi devices connected to the cloud and/or to the home/business Wi-Fi network.

Designed and developed for remote control of the functions integrated into IoT devices made by Net Software, it is available in the stores of the two main operating systems Android and iOS.

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The complete IoT solution that enables

remote control of any electronic device


WiNET Cloud

The scalable and secure Cloud solution developed by Net Software that allows data exchange between co-devicesconnected to the internet and the WiNET platform.



All the software solutions that Net Software creates and offers to its customers are subject to restrictive checks in the field of security of the data processed/transmitted, as well as of the software itself.


Remote control

The WiNET platform is completed by a multi-user dashboard, through which it is possible to monitor/control devices connected to the internet.

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Net Software is taking part in the Italia Legno Energia event, where it will be possible to discover the interesting news for 2023.


Net Software, also in the next Progetto Fuoco 2022 trade fair event, is pleased to  announce our presence to propose our innovative solutions, created for the remote management and monitoring of pellet products.


Net Software will participate in the Progetto Fuoco trade fair event to present the latest products for the remote control of pellet products

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